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Welcome + hello!!

Welcome + hello!!


Honesty is the best policy we've all heard that cliche before, but there is truth in it. So I'm going to be open and honest from the start...

I'm Faking it.

Another way of putting it? I'm o.w.ning it.

And for me...THAT is Powerful.

Those of you who know me, know I'm not afraid of new adventures tending to see a thing, roll it around in my mind and then proceed accordingly. In short, I like a challenge and admit - it enlivens me. Trying something different or putting myself out there falls into this category, especially with a business or 2 attached, a household to run, 2 kids + activities, a dog and husband attached (sorry honey I didn't meant put you last!) These days everything is so accessible right, so why not?! Full disclosure motto literally is 'fake it till you make it'. It covers all aspects of life, and when taken seriously... like having 3 Death Gins neat with a twist of lime in a row (my drink), gives you the courage and bravery needed for any given moment! So why wouldn't you try?! 

People get caught up in the ideal - to Make it... but what if everything is fine just the way it is? Making it is really nowhere specific for me, but it can be applied to almost anything right? But who am I kidding? My life long dream has been to open RT&Co. and here I am doing just that!

Let me explain... the motto above is an 'ideal' and faking it till you make it marks a space in time, way out there to keep my mind active and full of possibility. It clears the path to proceed one foot in front of the other. I did try the other way for a long time worrying about every small detail and guess what? It didn't work. So what changed? I asked for help for big stuff help for the first time in my life, and my mentor and beautiful friend Sara Catena, an exquisitely talented person and artist, was right there in it with me.

For me it was learning my worth and repositioning FEAR, in it's new place - out of MY drivers seat and situated firmly " the backseat". Along for the journey fear was... but under no circumstances able to make Any decisions regarding my creative journey. I am paraphrasing from 'BIG MAGIC Creative Living Beyond Fear' by writer Elizabeth Gilbert - because this book gave me the language and words to help me get out of my own head - I'm 41 years old so that's soome paraphrase!!

The instant #1 NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller
“A must read for anyone hoping to live a creative life… I dare you not to be inspired to be brave, to be free, and to be curious.” —PopSugar

But seriously - what's this all about then? Let me explain a little more - for the first time I feel like the world makes sense, whole even (weird I know). It's literally like all of my life's experiences are no longer compartmentalised, they're stretched out in this vast manner like a beautiful quilt, coming together at the edges bringing a bigger picture with it - Room Trader and Co.








We all live and move through the rooms in our lives, leaving pieces of ourselves as we go in the objects & things we collect... the soul's trademark, your brand - the hallmark left stamped on the world created from your rich delicious interior. Room Trader & Co. is your soul's interior realised. The space where all of these things reside, from the makers and artisans hands to tickle your inner most awakenings of soul dust and whisper "take me home... I am for you, you will love me" - the connection of a thing that says I was made for you.

We all need a little bit of Enchantment in our lives don't we?

Sophia x RT&Co.

Photo credits: The Who Photography + Design for Room Trader & Co. Devine Interiors The Potterage

2 thoughts on “Welcome + hello!!

  1. avatar Jessie says:

    Well done Soph! You should be very proud of how much you’ve already achieved and to know that you’re on the right path and following your dreams. As you & I well know, the creative mind likes to wander and can get easily distracted! So the fact that you’ve figured out a way to encapsulate that creativity within your own business and being your own boss is a very special achievement. Let it flow and keep looking forward! GO GIRL! ✊🏻

  2. avatar Cousin Emmie says:

    Well done Soph! Love seeing you kicking goals. Trying to do the same over here while juggling the tiny team which is me and Arch. Think I’m getting on okay! Xx see you in a few weeks for some Austrian fun x

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