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      Natural Moisturing Lip Salve

      A limited edition lip salve to seriously heal and protect dry cracked lips. Made with ethically sourced beeswax, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil and pink grapefruit essential oil. For multi-purpose use, apply as a cuticle balm, to dry and itchy skin. The natural oils in this salve plus the beeswax contain antibacterial properties, so can be used all for all things skin healing! Size: 5g

      Rose Gold Lip Tint

      A beautiful lip tint offering a subtle hint of rose gold magic. A truly replenishing and nourishing balm perfect for treating the harsh affects of winter. Made using quality natural ingredients including ethically sourced Australian beeswax, organic coconut oil, evening primrose oil and mica pigment for that illuminating colour. Size: 5g

      Rosewater Mist

      Love is in the air when you experience this beautiful all-natural Rosewater face and body mist. Made with only the purest natural ingredients such as 100% distilled rosewater and orange blossom essence. This mist is not only soothing and refreshing, but assists to balance skin pH levels and reduce redness and inflammation. Use after cleansing or any time you need a pick me up! Also, this is a must-have item when travelling! Use to quickly freshen up and rehydrate tired skin! Spray Bottle 50ml

      Coffee Zest Body Scrub

      Did you know caffeine is not only good in your coffee but great for your skin. Caffeine helps to increase blood flow, boosts circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful antioxidant. This body scrub will leave your skin feeling so revitalised and replenished, moisturised and nourished. Not to mention perked to take on the day! Ingredients: Coffee zest - Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans, cane sugar, Organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, cinnamon and pink grapefruit essential oil. Do not use on broken skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use within 6 months. Size: 200g

      Natural Deodorant

      Bee one of a kind's All natural deodorant is simply that.. all natural. No nasty chemicals. No synthetics. No aluminium. Made with Organic coconut oil, Organic shea butter, non GMO maize flour, sodium bicarbonate, green clay, bentonite clay and essential oils of sweet orange, teatree, lemon and lavender. To use: use provided spatula to scrape a pea sized amount and apply underarms. Do not use on broken skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use within 12 months. Be sure to use clean hands. Size: 40g

      Cleanse + Kindness Natural Gift Bundle

      Our 'Natural Cleanse Gift Bundle' is the perfect gift for the person who has everything! Ideal as a gift of appreciation or for yourself to enjoy the natural elements of this hand created bundle. The Natural Cleanse Bundle includes; A hand-cut bar of natural soap paired with a hand-crocheted organic cotton washcloth & packaged to perfection for that special someone. 1 x Natural Handcut Soap 40g - BEE ONE OF A KIND 1 x Organic Crocheted Washcloth - NO+EL Natural Soaps variety selection: Earth Clay Green Tea Spirulina Organic Cotton Washcloth colours: Grey Rhubarb Antique White Charcoal Royal Blue Taupe NB:...

      Lemongrass Merigue Moisturising Cream

      A heavenly scented and lightweight moisturising cream suitable for face, hands and body. This handcrafted body cream is made using organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic sweet almond oil, non GMO maize flour, vitamin E, natural coconut fragrance and lemongrass essential oil. A non greasy formula which absorbs readily on the skin. Can be used as an all over body moisturiser suitably delicate for use on the face. Works heavenly for hard working hands and cuticles! Available in 50g amber glass jar made from recycled materials. Use within 12 months. Be sure to use clean hands. Size: 50g

      Bath Salt Soak - Calm

      Prepare to relax, calm and soothe both body and mind with this sweet and indulgent bath soak combination. For optimal results, aim to soak away for at least 20 minutes to fully reap the benefits of the salts and minerals. Ingredients: Calm - Epsom salts, Organic Pink Himalayan rock salt, chamomile flowers, lavender buds and essential oils of sweet orange and cinnamon. A recent review of bee one of a kind's detox soaks from one of our customers: "Absolutely love these bath salts. They smell divine and are so luxurious to use with all the beautiful herbs. Lovely packaging too!"...

      Bath Salt Soak - Detox

      Prepare to relax and detox the body and mind with this refreshingly uplifting bath soak combination. Ingredients: Epsom salts, Organic Pink Himalayan rock salt, Lemongrass leaves, peppermint leaves, dried ginger and essential oils of lemon and peppermint. Size: 200g

      Magnesium Oil Spray

      Bee One of a Kind's finest Magnesium oil spray is made with 100% Premium Grade Magnesium Chloride flakes derived from the dead sea. Available in 100ml recycled amber glass bottle. Each bottle provides up to 200 sprays! Magnesium may help to treat aches and pains, cramps including those associated with PMS, restless leg syndrome, anxiety and improve sleep quality. .and the list goes on! To use: start by using 1-3 sprays on affected area and rub in. Use daily for best results. Increase dosage if need be. For best results, spray of the soles of the feet just before bed!...

      Eye Pillow - Lavendula

      Bee one of a kind’s eye pillow is a natural and soothing remedy that can help when you want to treat your tired eyes a get a restful sleep! With it’s comforting weight, this eye pillow is the definition of pure bliss as it helps to relax tired and heavy eyes, whilst the calming scent of organic lavender sends you to a place of tranquility! Also makes the perfect size heat pack for kids to place over their little tummies as they hop into bed for storytime! Handmade in Melbourne, this eye pillow is made with Australian sourced 100% natural...

      Awakening Face Serum

      Bee One of a Kind's Awakening Face Serum is designed for mature/dry skin. This beautiful rich serum is made with pure rice bran and organic macadamia oil which has been gently infused with fair trade Arabica coffee for approximately 6 weeks. Caffeine when applied in skincare acts as a natural constrictor, as coffee grounds can boost your skin's healthy appearance. Coffee is also a diuretic, meaning that it will help the body get rid of unnecessary water (i.e puffy eyes) and other toxins. For best results, use in the morning after cleansing. Ingredients : pure rice bran oil, organic macadamia...